At GoBrunch, we're all about capturing the magic of real-time connections in the virtual world. We believe in breaking free from the confines of delayed messages and instead, embracing the joy of immediate help from someone virtually seated right next to you.

GoBrunch team virtual office
GoBrunch Team Virtual Chilling Room
60,000 Users

More than 60,000 people from 6 continents have already used GoBrunch.


We have a reputation of listening to our customers.

99.9% UPTIME

We have servers around the world to help your meetings run the best way possible.

300,000+ Meetings

From Virtual Workspaces to Engaging Webinars.

GoBrunch: Where Virtual Meets Reality

Since we kicked things off in 2017, our inspiration has always been rooted in the real world. Think back to the amazing sensations you experience when walking into a buzzing convention center or stepping into a cozy coffee shop with its enticing smells and vibrant colors. That's why we named ourselves GoBrunch. Our mission? To bring that same realistic, immersive feeling of a physical place into the virtual realm.

Join us at GoBrunch and step into a world where connections are real-time, and conversations come alive with a natural and spontaneous flair. Together, let's create memorable moments and make remote collaboration feel as natural as if you were right there in person.


Every person and business in the world will have a GoBrunch Virtual Space.

Meet the team behind GOBRUNCH

We are Passionate, Diverse, and United in Virtual Collaboration. And of course, we do have a virtual office in GoBrunch.

Richard Lowenthal GoBrunch

Richard Lowenthal

Founder and CEO
Gabriel Oliveira GoBrunch

Gabriel Oliveira

Back End Architect
Julio Medeiros GoBrunch

Julio Medeiros

Full Stack Developer
Angela Silva GoBrunch

Angela Silva

Marketing and Social Media
Claudia Dowell GoBrunch

Claudia Dowell

Interaction Designer and Advisor
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